Meeting and hooking up with new people has never been easier. Thanks to social media, the internet, mobile devices and applications, it can be done in a few steps. There are countless of dating apps you can use to find a serious relationship or a one-night-stand. While some people choose to search for long-term relationships, others just want something quick and fast. They want to go out with someone without any hassles or commitment. Luckily, with dating apps and websites, the choices are there for you to make. You can also choose what type of person you want to meet, what age and other criteria. The following are the best dating apps for finding a casual fling or hook-up.

Coffee Meets Bagel – Yes, this is the name of this fabulous dating application. The popular and widely used app only shows users a few potential matches per day. There are no swiping or other games to play to hook up. Simply download the app and begin meeting quality singles right away.

OkCupid – In order to bring you the right possible matches, OkCupid utilizes a few steps to get you there. They have a few questions you must answer in order to fill out your profile. But, it’s all worth it since it is one of the most popular applications ever. Just like Tinder app, you see photos of people you may want to meet up. You swipe yes for those you like and no for the ones you don’t.

Happn – Happn can help you hook up with singles in your area. Plus, the app also shows you when you were close by each other recently. That makes bringing you to the right path of a potential match, easier. There are options to like someone secretly or let them know you do as well. The only drawback may be that there are in app purchases involved since you have to buy charms. These are used to let someone know you are interested in meeting up.

Bamble – Women have first dibs on this app. That’s because Bamble lets the women message you first if they are interested. Bamble does this in order to stop guys from sending out tons of offensive or stupid messages to women.

Tinder – This app can be called a pioneer when it comes to the swipe yes and no template. They created the interface which shows you photos of potential matches. If you see someone you like, you swipe yes. If it is someone you are not curious to meet, you hit no. That feature is now widely used in most dating apps today.

Down – Just like the songs that let you ‘get down’ with someone you like, this app is the same. Browse through the photos of potential singles and if you want to get down with them, hit yes. The app has an option to let you get a date or get down!

The Best Dating Apps for Finding a Casual

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