Chances are that you are like most people who often ask “How much sex is healthy?” The truth is that health and sex are very closely related to each other. According to studies, both of them are linked to several benefits. Those benefits are lower risk of breast and prostate cancers, waistline that are slimmer and a heart which is stronger. In addition, sex and good health can help relieve stress, put you in a better mood and improve your mental health.

The problem is that according to statistics, people are having less sex these days than in the past. Research shows that most average Americans adults only had sexual relations nine times less per year than before. Those statistics were obtained from the year 2010 to 2014. But, a few years earlier, the numbers were much higher. For couples who are married, the times they have sex are far less. They engaged in sex sixteen times less a year than singles.

No one really knows why people are having less sex these days. Perhaps it may be to the constant stress everyday life brings. Issues such as work, parenting and others are also things to consider. The reality is that life often gets in the way of a person’s personal way of living.

When it comes to the actual number of exactly how much sex you should be having, the answer is simple. You should be engaging in as much sex as you possibly can. While too much of anything can be bad for you, sex is something with no specific number. Some studies suggest that having sexual intercourse once a week is enough. Others find that two or more is even better.

Since all individuals and couples are different, the same applies to the number of times a person may engage in sex. There are those who can do it almost 5 times a week or even more. Then you have couples who can only make time for sex once a week, if that. Yet the real number of times is not the issue. Unlike other health issues that you have to keep a number on, sex is not like that. You are not going to become too ill if you stop having too much sex. What can happen is that you may become too stressed eventually. But that is not only based on sex in as much as the human need for emotional and physical intimacy.

Society has made the number of times you have sex an issue and in turn, a problem. Mathematically, there is no real number for what is healthy or right when it comes to sex. Some couples who are married reported going without sex for almost six months. That doesn’t mean they are less healthy than those who have sex more frequently. But, it may mean that couples who have sex more often will likely be happier and less stressed.

How Much Sex Is Healthy?

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