What Porn categories do user look at the most?

Watching porn has completely changed the past few years. Part of the reason is based on the easy accessibility. Almost everyone has either a Smartphone, tablet or some sort of computer to go online with. On top of that, the web is full of top rated porn sites offering all kinds of adult related material. That makes it easier than ever to find free sex pics, videos and animated porn GIF images of any kind. Countless of sites allow visitors to see unlimited free porn now. Anyone can find sex pics, sex GIF images or videos of any type of pornography. No matter what you may be into or what turns you on, chances are there’s a site which has it.

But what exactly are the porn categories users are looking at the most? What kind of pornography is the most popular based on statistics? The reality is that there are hundreds of porn categories for people to choose from. While there are some sites which cater to only one or a few particular genres, others cover them all. If users are looking for it, or uploading it to the sites, then the pages categorize it and post it. The following listing showing which adult categories are the most popular may surprise you though. There are many genres people did not only know existed, but that they were so searched for and viewed by others.

Although there are millions of adult related sites, only a few are used to rank the categories. One of the most visited porn sites in the world is PornHub. The popular site had a staggering 23 billion visitors last year. If that wasn’t impressive enough, those people spent almost 5 million hours watching porn on the site. Based on those stats, they released the numbers to the public. That was to help show what those visitors were searching and viewing the most when it came to porn material.

Lesbian – Most people were quite surprised to find out that the lesbian category was the top viewed in porn. Millions of users searched for and viewed anything and everything dealing with lesbians. Whether it was lesbian animated GIFS, lesbian scissoring, lesbian fucking each other or anything else, people watched it. Interestingly enough, these that viewed the lesbian porn were mostly heterosexual or straight men. Even straight women also enjoyed watching lesbian porn gifs and lesbian sex pics. It proves that everyone loves to see two hot women sucking or fucking one another.

Teen – Nothing more erotic than viewing free sex pics of young and beautiful looking teens. Keep in mind that most of the sites which have teen categories show only those that are over the legal age of 18. That’s because viewing any teen porn of girls younger than that is considered illegal in many states and countries. Still, people want to see hot and beautiful teens sex pics, animated porn GIFS and anything else. This explains why many adult stars who look very young are so popular in the adult world.

MILF – Mature Women – The acronym MILF started out as a punch line in a Hollywood movie. However, years later, it has turned into an internet sensation which is commonly used everywhere. Now, any hot older woman is referred to as a MILF by people. The search term has become so well-known that it is one of the most viewed and looked for in many porn sites. Nothing better than sex pics of MILFs or an animated MILF GIF image. In truth, it is hard for anyone to resist MILF GIFS or milf sex pics of a beautiful woman. Especially when they show them with big tits, hot ass and perfect body.

Hentai – Animation has come a long way these days. This may explain why hentai or anime porn is so widely viewed and searched for. Hentai porn has millions of followers who love to see all kinds of hentai gifs, hentai sex pics and videos. Most typical hentai sex GIFs depict gorgeous girls with huge tits getting banged. Others go even further and mix it up by having the hentai women get fucked by animals, characters or aliens. Since there is no limitation to what hentai porn can be about, the popularity will keep growing.

Big Tits – This porn category should come as no surprise to anyone. After all, who doesn’t love sex pictures or animated porn GIFS of sexy women with big juicy tits? There are endless porn material containing some kind of big tits action. Some show women getting titty-fucked or jizzed on their boobs. Others show girls playing with their huge melons. And there are the lesbian big tits porn GIFs and sex pics. Those depict two girls sucking or playing with one another’s big tits.

Ebony – Porn lovers have a thing for chocolate dark men and women. The ebony category is very sought after in the adult world. People want to view hot and sexy ebony girls having sex. They could be getting banged by a white guy or another black man. In some cases, it is the other way around since interracial porn is also very popular.